What to Learn from Amazon's Digital Day

Akin to a Black Friday for digital technology and devices; Amazon’s first ‘Digital Day’ was held on 30th December. Spearheaded by them as an obvious initiative to drive sales of their aforementioned stock, they arguably set a niche blueprint that all businesses can follow.

Amazon is big, vast company (hence their name) with many different products for sale. Their choosing ‘Digital Day’ is a sales push for their technology stock but they could just of easily have launched ‘Dog Toy Day’ or ‘Desk Organisers Day’. The point being here that your business can also push a particular day/week for your products and/or services. By analysing your customers, your industry and your target market(s), there is nothing stopping you from having your own successful ‘Digital Day’. As you know, your website is your premier and most robust online platform for making sales. In tandem with this, it is also a powerful in-house advertising vehicle for your business. Use it to prep, launch and reap the rewards of your own ‘Digital Day’.

Step 1 – Decide what your ‘Digital Day’ will be
Research the trends and profiles of your customers, your industry and your target markets. What can you offer them from your suite of products and/or services? For example, if you run a florist business, you know that your customers, your industry and your target market will all require a florist for Mother’s Day. Therefore your ‘Digital Day’ will be Mother’s Day in this example.

Step 2 – Promote your Digital Day
Use your website and social media channels to promote your Digital Day. Let your visitors and followers know when your day will be held and what offers and promotions you will be having. With this, you build an awareness around your upcoming day and prime your website visitors to expect it. This includes your existing customers and new potential customers. A good idea is to also send out a newsletter to your subscribers in advance of the day. At this stage you should also prepare stock levels in anticipation for an influx of sales on your day.

Step 3 – Have your Day!
Now that all of the preparation and promotional work has been done, all that is left for your business is to let the day commence. Expect more sales and activity than normal from new and existing customers over the course of the day (both in-store and online) and all going well, you should have a successful Digital Day for your business to replicate every year.

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