How to Locate New Business in 2017

Location played a big part in online marketing in 2016 and is poised to only increase more in 2017. Vicinity and various local factors play into location based marketing by appealing to those searching online for products and services nearby to them. Utilising this is key to locating new business in 2017.

Why is Location so Important?
When searching for something online, people often add their location to the end of the search term i.e. “party supplies dublin” or even more specifically “party supplies dublin 15.” This is important to note as you should target these keywords specific to those in the vicinity of your business/location. Google has taken note of this in two main ways – search engine suggestions often auto-populate with location specific information and their algorithm pays attention to content that is optimised with location tags and keywords.

How can I Harness Location Within my Online Presence?
As mentioned above, keywords and tags for your website content can assist with this. Apart from your website, location features are also available within social media channels. For example FaceBook allows you to list your address and location as part of your business page and one can also apply to Snapchat for geo-specific filters in relation to an event or conference being held by your business. Being location specific in your online endeavours means that customers and potential customers in your local area should be well aware of your businesses’ existence and activities and potential customers travelling from further afield know exactly where to find and locate your business.

What Type of Business can Benefit from Location Targeting Marketing?
Generally speaking, all businesses can benefit from highlighting location as part of their online marketing arsenal. Some though really benefit in that when planning a trip for example, one can see what restaurants, cafés, shops or museums are based in the destination. When you are easily discoverable online, businesses can rely less on leaflet/flyer campaigns and external signage. While passing trade is important, investing time in online passing trade is also an important step to incorporate into your sales and marketing funnel – location helps with this.

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