Ireland Website Design: A Look Back at 2016

As another year passes by, we take a look back at a couple of the projects that Ireland Website Design worked on in 2016. Our expert team work to drive sales to your business and this can be achieved via our expert team consisting of web designers, digital marketers, copywriters and more.

Go Rentals
Having been in the business for over fifty years, Go Rentals came to us seeking a newer and more responsive business website to keep up with the times. Location played a big part in this as the company were looking to target the counties that they cater to such as Dublin, Kildare, Laois and Meath. With leasing options available for up to four years and hire arrangements lasting anything up to twenty-eight days, the option to leave a voicemail on the website was implemented. The successful website design encompassed of an informative and absorptive layout that drew the visitors in to learn about the services on offer and locations where Go Rentals are based. Click here to visit the Go Rentals website.

Smart TV Box
This website design had to strike a balance between detailing the in-depth technical specifications of the product (a Smart TV box for streaming TV and film content); while delivering this information in an easy to understand manner. To achieve this, our website designers and copywriters worked together side by side to design and implement complementary content. This involved the use of expansive images and tiles labelled with information (and never overwhelming) text. Video was also used to good effect here – it can often be easier for people to see something in practice to understand it rather than to read about it in theory. The website also incorporated an online shop where visitors could browse and purchase smart TV boxes. Click here to visit the Smart TV Box website.

2016 was a great year for us and our clients here at Ireland Website Design. We have built up our portfolio, reputation and standing in the industry to be justifiably known as a premier provider of website design and digital marketing services to clients in Ireland and abroad. Get in touch with us if you are looking to drive sales to your business in 2017. Click here to get a quote.

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