How Prediction Failed in 2016

Looking back to some of the main events of 2016, we see that prediction did not play out as planned in many ways. Yet when marketing content, products and services online; one must predict what content potential customers will respond to and also what search terms they will use to find this content.

How did Prediction fail in 2016?
Two of the most obvious examples of predictions, opinions and polls failing were in the political arena. With Brexit and the US presedential election arriving after conflicting opinions of the end result, we learned that the collective consensus is not always the numerical majority. Yes data will be flawed i.e. one cannot survey each and every citizen of a country, but it usually is indicative of how a certain event will pan out. Therefore from an SEO perspective, this shows us that we should explore alternative keywords and terms to match the more unexpected search terms that may arise.

How can my Website improve Prediction in 2017?
Paying close attention to the trends and revelations in your industry is always beneficial and should be done. Yet your approach may have to be altered in 2017 to improve your chances to attract those who search with different words and phrases to the perceived norm. This means that your online content will have to be optimised as if casting a wider net in the ocean. To do this, you may need to increase your amount of content to therefore increase the amount of keywords and terms that your website can target. A useful way to do this is to add an extra new blog a week into your rotation. Use this as an extra platform to not only increase your expanded SEO output, but also to target newer keywords as you cast a wider net.

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