Two SEO Predictions for 2017

As 2016 draws to a close we take a look at what whispers and murmurs on the SEO scene may very likely make a splash for SEO in 2017. The overriding feeling so far is that quality and professionalism will keep you (and your website) head and shoulders above the rest as the divide deepens between correctly executed SEO techniques and poorly executed SEO techniques.

Prediction 1: The SEO Content Drilldown will Deepen
This means that instead of one singular piece of content, such as a blog post, being a self-contained entity to optimise for search engines; factors in proximity to it will also come into play. So if your blog post contains links, do these links also bring the user to a properly search engine optimised piece of content? Going one step further, does the website that the blog lives on also have a strong and correct SEO presence online? So 2017 may see more time devoted to SEO pieces of content in that time will need to be spent ensuring everything that your content connects to and touches off is also optimised as best as possible.

Prediction 2: Properly Executed, Professional SEO will Cut Through the Triers
Each year that passes, so much more new websites and content are added to the world wide web. To keep this in check and prevent information from becoming diluted and watered down, measures have to be taken to maintain high standards. This happens naturally and will possibly become even more prevalent in 2017 as professional copywriters and digital agencies continue to add fresh content online. This will be put online in contrast to those now to SEO online, the “triers” who are dipping their toe in the water and learning as they go i.e. new businesses, in-house sales and marketing teams etc. So this sets 2017 to predictively highlight the more professional and experience created content while those new to SEO will find it that bit harder to get their foot on the ladder.

Regardless of the trends to come in 2017, the expert team at Ireland Website Design support your business online by making sure that it does not get blown away by the winds of change. Our work drives sales to your business, so get in touch with us today if this sounds appealing to you.

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