Three Fresh Tips to Increase Online Sales

Here we examine some left of field techniques and ideas that can be just as good to increase your online sales as more traditional ones.

Tip 1: Consider Colour
When looking to connect with potential customers online to make sales, colour can play a big part in helping this connection. Colours can connote feelings and spike thoughts in those who see them depending on the context they are seen in. For example, a website selling vegetarian snacks may utilise the colour green within their typeface and page design as green is a colour that one would relate to health, wellness, vegetables and energy. These are all traits they would want their website viewers to feel in connection with their products to stimulate sales. It is well worth your while to research what colours connect well with what you are trying to sell as when implemented on your website; you increase the possibility of online sales occurring as you have increased the connection of your website viewers with your products and services.

Tip 2: Seek the Heat
Heat maps are a great way to see what and where your website visitors are looking at. Quite like A/B testing, heat maps show you what content is being looked at and shows you which of your webpages your viewers are responding and connecting to. Study heat maps for the pages of your website to map trends which you can then implement on your weaker pages. For example you may uncover that when an image is nearer to the top of your webpages that it is viewed longer than when placed nearer the bottom of a webpage. Capitalise on this by positing content near to where people are looking to thus increase your chances of making a sale. If images at the top of your webpages are a popular eye-trap, consider adding a text overlay to these images which advertises your sales and offers as an idea.

Tip 3: Remember the Experience
At all times before, during and after an online sale is made, do not neglect to forget about the user experience at all times. How can you do this at each stage? Before a sale is made (i.e. when visitors are simply browsing your website), make sure that steps one and two above are adhered to. During the sale transaction itself, make sure that all of your terms, conditions, delivery and return information is up-to-date and visible. Display any and all security certificates you have too to abate any fears your customers may have at entering their card details. Lastly then after the sale has been made, offer these customers a voucher perhaps one month after their date of sale to encourage them to shop with you once again.

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