How iOS10 Gives us a Glimpse into the Future

With the release of iOS10, one particular feature shows us a trend in progress of trending and alludes to our future digital habits.

The recent iOS10 update saw quite a thorough overhaul of Apples software and brought some new features to the table. One such feature is that of replacing relevant text words with their picture (also known as an emoji) equivalent. For example, if you are messaging your friend and write that you had pizza for lunch, by tapping on the word ‘pizza’, it will be replaced by an emoji of a slice of pizza. While not necessarily innovators with this, Apple’s adoption of replacing text with pictures is another timely reminder as to how we process images when communicating.

Let’s apply this to how websites are designed and also to how websites are interacted with and understood. Images are crucial to convey your message and show your visitors what you do without having to transcribe a single word of text. Videos also are excellent at achieving this. Therefore even if your website is for an English speaking audience, visitors from all over the world should be able to understand what you are offering by the imagery that you use. You will find that most trades, industries and activities will have sets of images that come to represent them. So your massage parlour website will most likely contain images of people getting massaged alongside relaxing accents such as candles and incense.

From a technical standpoint when adding images to your website, we recommend that you pay attention to the file type that you use. You may have noticed that some image files end in .png and some end in .jpeg or .jpg and wonder what the difference between them is. Generally speaking, computer generated images and graphics are best rendered in the .png file format whereas more organic pictures/photographs of real-life people and settings appear best when in the .jpeg or .jpg file format. Having these types of images in the correct file format can also offer slight assistance with website speeds as they render correctly.

We can see how a picture says a thousand words in the context of website design and also with how recent software updates have started to replace text with images too. Knowing how to utilise this correctly in conjunction with implementing these images in the correct file size helps both your website and also your communication with your customers. Get it touch with us here at Ireland Website Design for more information or to arrange a consultation with our expert team.

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