Brand and Logo Development at Ireland Website Design

Your business needs a strong brand and recognisable, professional logo to fit in with modern business standards. We can help to create this for you.

10 Initial Logo Designs to Choose From
When you provide us with the ideas and types of logo design that you have in mind; we will create ten initial logo designs. From this selection then, you whittle it down to your chosen few to go further for more refinement until the perfect logo is arrived at. The next step is to further refine these down until you are 100% happy with the final design.

Up to 6 Revisions on a Chosen Design
From the selection that you have narrowed down, we will perform up to six further revisions so that your ideal logo and logo design is created for use within your business. The revision phase is an important step that we at Ireland Website Design do not rush and ensure that the feedback from the client is fully adhered to. Once complete, you will have a well thought out and envisioned logo that will serve your business for years to come.

Business Card Design
With a logo created, you can then add this to your business cards to begin to establish brand cohesion. We design business cards for all manner of companies across all industries and work with you to ensure that the correct information pertaining to your business is transcribed on your business cards. Here at Ireland Website Design, we give you a free pack of one hundred business cards so that you can begin to use them immediately.

Letterhead Design
A very effective way to convey your branding to your clients, other businesses and even internally within your company is to have designed letterheads (i.e. headed paper). At this stage with having a logo designed and business cards designed, you will have a text and colour scheme which can now be applied to letterheads.

Compliment Slip Design
Quite like letterhead design as detailed above, compliment slips are another good way to maintain the branding elements that feed into your company image. Again compliment slips can be used in a variety of situations both within and outside of your company.

Initial designs of all of the above are sent to you within seventy-two hours so that the image of your company branding that has been floating around in your head can finally come to life. Ireland Website Design comprises of a team of experts in the field of branding, logo and graphic design who work together with you to create and implement a modern and professional business brand and presence.

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