Google's Best Free Tool for 2016

Google has released a tool that lets you test both your website mobile responsiveness and speed on both desktop and mobile devices. An essential, free tool ideal for 2016.

By now you should know that more internet searches happen on mobile devices instead of desktop. So much so that Google will prioritise websites that are mobile friendly when it comes to search engine results and rankings. Yet mobile responsiveness and compatibility is only one half of the picture, your website also needs to be fast and speedy to provide the best user experience on mobile. That is why Google have a free tool that examines these elements all at once – it will test your website for mobile friendliness, mobile speed and desktop speed. For each, you will be given a breakdown of what you are doing well and also areas that you need to improve on.

Mobile Friendliness
Giving you a breakdown as to whether an element of mobile friendliness passed, should be fixed or that you should consider fixing, the tool will examine the likes of:
- The sizing of tap targets
- Plugins
- Viewport Configuration
- Sizing for screen and view sizes
- Legible Fonts

Mobile Speed
Working with the same passed, should be fixed or things that you should consider fixing:
- Image Optimisation
- Browser Caching (Leveraging)
- Server Response Time
- Landing Page Redirects
- Compression
- JavaScript
- Visible Content Prioritisation

Desktop Speed
Again under the umbrella of passed, should be fixed or elements that you should consider to fix; the desktop speed test and recommendations will cover the same headings as in the mobile speed text section above. This shows us that Google is looking at both mobile and desktop websites exactly the same in terms of speed and loading times. However the compatibility and usability of website when accessed on mobile devices (mobile friendliness) is measured by its own distinct set of parameters such as tap targets and legible font sizes etc.

You can get the results of your test and an accompanying report e-mailed to you and it is then recommended to forward this on to your website developer. This is because this is a list of changes approved by Google itself and therefore making these changes will go a massive way towards further appealing to the Google algorithms and SEO preferences. This free Google tool can be accessed by clicking here.

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