Snapchat Marketing for Business

With a blink and you miss it interface, Snapchat can be viewed as a difficult platform to market your business on. Read on here to learn how to harness it for the best results.

Warm Leads
To begin with, if you have Snapchat followers, you can immediately class these as warm leads. Why? Because Snapchat does not have paid advertising options like FaceBook or Twitter, those who connect with you have actively sought you out and added you to their Snapchat feeds. Therefore they are already interested in your business and more open to engagement with the content that you post on Snapchat. Use this as your starting point and know that there is satiety to fulfil with your content to a ready and waiting audience.

Due to the ten second self-destruct USP of Snapchat, there is a very small window for your followers to absorb your content. Many counteract this by encouraging their followers to take a screenshot of their content with this content usually taking the form of a coupon. Therefore with the image of the coupon saved to their mobile devices, followers of the business/brand can present this at a bricks-and-mortar location to avail of the coupon or use a code at a bricks-and-clicks online store to do the same.

Story Promotion
The story function on Snapchat (where an image or video remains viewable for a twenty-four hour period) can be replayed as many times as your followers access it while it is live. This finds favour with many digital and media businesses who can use this function to preview trailers for television shows and movies etc. and also highlight behind-the-scenes exclusive clips and insights. With the Snapchat story lasting for a maximum of ten seconds, one must remember that many radio spots and adverts are also of this length. With this in mind, think of Snapchat as an alternative format with dedicated followers to digest your content.

Attention Retention
Feeding into the fact that content self-destructs and lasts a maximum of ten seconds, this means that you capture and keep your followers attention spans as they are aware of this fact. As Snapchat currently does not support push notifications (however one may argue that alerts fit the description here); users check the app frequently for new content and updates. These two facets of engagement and attention retention are a veritable combination and one which separates Snapchat from other social media apps and platforms.

Knowing how Snapchat works and in turn knowing how to work it best for your business opens up a powerful app for marketing and promotion. Consult with the experts at Ireland Website Design to discuss your online and social media branding and strategy with our dedicated specialists to utilise and mobilise an effective online strategy.

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