Your Mobile Strategy for 2016

Now that we are well into 2016, where does mobile sit in your online strategy and how is it performing?

Most, if not all businesses, should definitely have a mobile element to their online and digital strategies for 2016. Even of your particular business interests do not pertain to online shopping or social media, you should still maintain a visible presence on mobile devices. Here we present this blog as a checklist as to what mobile elements you should have in place in 2016:

Apps > Mobile Websites
While growing over the past few years, apps are a must in 2016. It is not enough to have a mobile responsive website anymore as this is now standard. As we all know, being ‘standard’ will only get you so far, your business needs to stand out from the crowd and have an edge over your competitors. As the influx of online advertisements shows no signs of slowing down, mobile users will seek refuge in the comfort of apps in 2016. One of the biggest advantages over an app to a mobile website for example is how apps can still be used if the user does not have an internet connection. For you as a business, this is tangible exercise in offline marketing.

Making Payments on Mobile
Research suggests that the majority of online shoppers do most of their research and decision making on mobile devices, but they then default to a desktop device to make the actual purchase. A perceived reason for this is that mobile payments have never really taken off nor do they have the comforting familiarity of a desktop device as of yet. Trying to type in card details, set-up accounts and wait for confirmation e-mails/messages etc. can be cumbersome and clunky on mobile devices at present. That is why in 2016 this process will have to become simplified (but still at all times safe and secure) to make mobile devices become the norm for the complete online shopping process. The seeds of this have already been planted (think of the Apple and Google mobile wallets) and are due to sprout this year.

Social Security
Following on from the last point, an expected talking point of 2016 is to see social media streams partner with businesses to make mobile payments that bit more welcoming and accepted. The safety and security that one feels when using a familiar social platform such as FaceBook means that it makes sense to retain this user interface and layout without moving to a new alien window to make a payment. This linkage of social shopping can be seen as the next frontier of online shopping and as such it makes sense to now clean-up and bulk-up your social media accounts as these are soon to be the newest retail outlets for your customers.

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