A Guide On How A Professional Logo Design Is Created

When our experts design logos, we understand how they represent your company across various visual media avenues and as such give the design process the due time and consideration required. A staggered approach of meetings, research, concept design, feedback, edits, sign-off and implementation makes for a comprehensive design process that results in your perfect and timeless business logo.

Meeting and Discussion
When you decide to get a logo designed by the experts at Ireland Website Design, we will arrange to meet with you and discuss exactly what you want your logo to achieve. This discussion will also touch on what types of designs you like and are applicable to your business. It is not uncommon for clients to come to us with rough sketches that they may have made on scraps of paper when thinking of their potential logos. This is not a requirement however as we will guide you through and implement a thorough logo design process that will culminate in your perfect business logo being created.

Following this meeting, our design team engage in an extensive research phase to better understand the symbols and imagery associated with your business field and how they can be contorted to suit a logo design. Methods such as word clouds and analyses such as SWOT and PESTLE are used to really tease out the encompassing elements of your business field and sector. Filtering in our initial meeting with you, we deduct from our research the types of shapes, signs and symbols that you like and start to build concept designs around these.

Design and Presentation
With research completed, our experts enhance their initial drafts and concept designs that they have created to make more finalised logo designs to present to the client. Our design experts add a final layer of polish to the logo designs (such as resizing them to fit as social media icons and on business cards etc.) before we arrange to meet with the client again and present the end results. At this meeting, we welcome any and all feedback as we present to you a set of logos and reasons as to why we arrived at these finalised designs.

Feedback and Colour Options
Taking on board your feedback, the client and the designers mutually agree on the single and final logo that will be used by your business. Any tweaks and edits that are required are completed and the colouring of the logo is also finalised (some clients already come to use with the pantone colours that they wish to be used in keeping with their company colours).

Once all of the above steps are completed, we at Ireland Website Design assist you with implementing your new logo into your overall company branding and imagery. This involves the aforementioned resized logos for use across your social media streams and also your print media such as headed paper and business cards. Your new logo will also need to be added to your website and any and all places where your old logo appears will need to be replaced.

Talk to us today at Ireland Website Design where our team of experts can design your perfect business logo and help to implement this across your business website and facets of your business. Consider our expert design process outlined above to obtain a logo that you are happy with and serves its purpose to complement your business image and branding – a vital component of a competent business.

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