Use Value Propositions To Sell Anything

You may have a great website that has a professional look and has a lot of great content, but if you want to sell something you need a good pitch to back it up. So many businesses fail in this area, simply because they feel that a good looking website is all they need to attract sales. If you really want people to pay attention, they you need to make it clear that the product you are selling has a great deal of value to them. In this article we will look at the concept of value propositions and how you can use them to effectively sell anything you want on your website. What Is A Value Proposition? A value proposition is basically a promise that you are giving to your online audience. You are giving potential customers a promise that the product you have on offer will be of value to them, and they will find useful and a helpful addition to their lives. It may sound like quite a lofty promise, but it is now considered industry practise. If your pitch doesn't contain a value proposition, then the majority of people will probably turn away and go and buy a similar product from somewhere else. You have to promise that your product has value to them, otherwise they will not see the point in spending money on it. What Makes A Good Value Proposition? If you want to make a good value proposition, the first thing you need to do is make sure that it is actively trying to be different than its competitors. Try and come up with a proposition that is unique to the business or website so then it is unmistakably coming from you. Also make sure that the promise you are making about the benefits that your product will have is coming across loud and clear. Essentially, as long as the end result is clear and concise it should be able to do the job. What Makes A Bad Value Proposition? Try and make sure that your value proposition doesn't have too much information in it. If it does, then the actual promise you are trying to make could just get lost in the mix. Your promise must be the focus of attention, so don't try and cram too much information into it. Also make sure that the information you are providing is from the potential buyer's perspective, while at the same time making it feel distinctive for your business. If it feels like something generic, then it will not have the desired impact. Research What Customers Want If you really want to make a value proposition that will have a good effect, then you need to know what your potential customers are looking for. In order to do this, you need to find out about what opinion they have of you and your business. Try asking a few questions on social media and seeing if you get a good response. You could even create a survey on your website where customers can answer a few straightforward questions about your company, your website and what you have to offer them. If you really want to increase the amount of people giving you feedback, try and give them an incentive. Offer them a some sort of prize or a promotion of some description to try and convince them to take a few minutes to answer your questions. Once you have enough responses, go through them and see what they tell you about your business and its image. Being Different Is The Most Important Thing When it comes time to draft your value proposition, the most important thing to remember is that you have to be different from everybody else. This is especially true when it comes to your competitors. You have to demonstrate what makes you different from them, and what makes you better. If you have a value proposition in mind but then find a similar one on a different site, delete it and start again. A value proposition is a promise that you will deliver something that no one else can. This is why it needs to be perfect, and why it needs to be present in every sales pitch. If you can write a proposition that is sharp, concise, and promises to deliver something that no one else can, then it will certainly help boost the effect of your sales pitch.
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