Make your blog title a hit!

5 tips to write a catchy and irresistible blog title

What’s in the name? When it comes to digital world, a lot depends on the name. You can have great content, amazing pictures and spent a load of time writing but when it came to the title, you did not give it much taught and wrote the first thing that came to mind. Sometimes it works but not always. According to a survey done at least 8 out of 10 people search for your title to reach your article, so a lot depends on the title of your blog post when it comes to creative writing for the digital world.

Blog titles are important because it drives traffic to your website. What a website is to an offline business, a title is to a blog post. The title decides the fate of your blog. If you think it is difficult or eats up a lot of your time when thinking up a title, go through the tips I have listed down below.

1.      K.I.S.S

Keep It Short and Simple – is the universal mantra. You don’t need to write phrases or quotes in your title but simply a maximum of 4-5 words would be good. Giving too much information or confusing your readers will do you no good and hence one should stay away from stories in titles. Leave a question or an incomplete sentence which leaves a lot to be desired by the readers.

2.      Add keywords to your title

Think of the readers perspective. If you were the reader and searching for information online, what would be the keywords you would use for this article? Incorporate the same in your work. Using specific keywords would not only help in putting your blog on top of the search engine but will also would help you gather more traffic.

3.      Engage with the reader

A good title needs to be actionable. When the blog post is going to help readers do something, they would click it. ‘How to’ titles add the perfect quirkiness and need in the reader’s minds.

4.      Controversy

Well who said only girls’ gossip? Guys do it too. If your blog title is flavored with a bit of controversy or gossip it’s like a cherry on top. Give them a topic which sets the tongues talking. After all, everybody loves drama!

5.      Say 1,2,3,4 and get your title on a roll

Using numbers and special characters on a roll should be taken care of. For example a title such as – “5 Amazing things about my mother” is better than “Things I find amazing about my mother”.

Using a dash (-) or exclamation (!) in a blog title also helps it get noticed. Using a dash will not only divide the title but will also give space to say more than one thing to the reader. On the other hand, using an exclamation emphasis a point or will make the reader feel excited about the particular post.

What I usually do is leave the post title for last; i.e. once I am done writing the draft of the blog post I figure out the title. The reason for this is once I have written my post I am more clear with the content, and the kind of questions a reader might ask and the HIGHLIGHT of your post; which needs to go in the title.

There’s no shortcut to writing good blog posts but one can easily attract more readers to their blogs by following easy tips like the ones’ mentioned above. So the next time you think of writing a post on your all-time favorite films, go for a title like – 10 must-watch films for you!

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