Announcing the Launch of Bookings Tanzania

At Ireland Website Design, we take pride in every bit of work that we do. That's why we're delighted to annouce the launch of our latest work, Bookings Tanzania, which can be found at

The brainchild of Valentine Makunja, a tanzania native who now lives in Dublin. Wanting to do more for tourisim in his country, Valentine came to us at Ireland Website Design with his idea and it was all go from there.

Using the booking system developed here in-house, the site was built to promote tourisim in the best way possible and at the best prices. Each and every offering on the site was personally approve by Valentine, to fit in with what he saw as the best for Tanzanian tourisim. 

With the site now live, Valentine is hoping to send the site to the top of the market in Ireand, by offering the best deals on everything that there is to do in Tanzania. And from what we've seen from working with him here at Ireland Website Design, he will easily accomplish this, and more!

You can find the site and book a trip at

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