How to find what works when marketing your online shop

So you have an online shop and from time to time you run promotions in the local newspaper, flyers, attend a networking event to advertise your business, run Google adwords or build back links to your website, but how can you know exactly what is bringing those sales to your store?

Its really simple, the answer is coupons, yes coupons! Customers love coupons and they will help you make more sales (people love a discount) and to track where your orders are coming from. For example you print a flyer that you will put in every house in Dublin, you spend €5,000 between printing and distribution. You include a coupon call "dublin14" that gives a customer 10% of all items in your store. You run a radio campaign spending another €5,000 offering a 10% discount also but this time the coupon you will promote is "radio14" and then you sit back and watch the orders come through.

Now its really easy, at the end of the promotion you go through the orders checking what coupon was used. If you see no coupon used you know the customer came through Google (or another search engine) however if you see radio14 you will know they ordered because they heard your ad on the radio. Now you can see how many orders the radio got you and how many the flyers got you. You might now find that none of your orders came from the radio and in fact you lost money from the radio campaign but you actually made money from the flyers so on your next promotion you may put more than €5,000 to flyers.

Their is another great reason to offer coupons and that is you can submit yourself to coupon directory websites, these websites ad details of your coupons to their site along with a backlink to your website, it is important from an SEO point of view to have back links and this is a very simple way to build some of these links.

Smart TV Box has just launched with us and if you would like to avail of a 10% offer from their website then during checkout use the coupon "april14".

Happy Selling!!!

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