Our Secret 5 Step Social Strategy to Help Make You Money

So after much research and development, we have created a social media weapon designed to make you money and yet be affordable to run. It is a 5 step approach that has made many businesses many new customers and driven them up the social media ladder. So we have decided to share our technique with you, with the belief that many of you can see the value in this type of advertising and hire us to help you.

So here are our 5 steps to success:

1. Target & setup (if needed) Facebook, Twitter & Google+ for you.

2. Research and schedule 180 posts, each profile is updated twice a day. Shuffle all posts so things are posted at different times of the day. This is 3 months worth of postings.

3. Run a competition for 3 months (cross promoted on all platforms) to win your product or service. You personally select the winner from a list of names/emails that we send you. When the competition is over, offer the product or service that was up for grabs for a discounted price to everyone who entered.

4. Ask other local businesses (and your suppliers) to cross promote your competition. We will contact up to 25 local businesses by email for you. In return you would be expected to promote them in the future if any of them decide to go ahead and promote you.

5. Finally run two types of Facebook paid promotions. One to boost your competition post and the other to promote your entire page.

The total duration of this promotion would be 3 months and the cost would just be €199 per month plus however much you want to spend on the Facebook paid advertising. This is great value and should hopefully push your business to success on social media.

Do you feel this would work for you? If so contact Nick or Andy now on 051-393524 or 089-4278112.

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