How to win a customer for life

Ever ordered a product online from Ink Maestro or Lush? Well if you had shopped with these companies you might have received a little thank you card with your order. Thank you cards give you a chance to let your customer feel special and to push any important messages across about what the benefits of becoming a loyal customer of your shop might be.

For example Lush will often try to personalize the online sale by leaving you a handwritten thank you note, they also include a company newspaper full of happy & fun news about the company and really explain the benefits of purchasing lush products compared to rival products. Lush is passionate about the environment and really promote this in their magazine, they also tell you that the packaging your product is received in is 100% recyclable and they use newspaper to pad the products in the delivery box. By doing so, they let their customers know that buying from them is effectively helping the environment.

Ink Maestro on the other hand include a little thank you card, letting you know they have handled your order with care and attention and hope you are satisfied with their service and quality. They also tell you how they spend little on advertising and instead use this money to improve the quality and service. They let you know they rely on word of mouth. They also remind you how to get in contact should you have a problem. When a client opens up an Ink Maestro package, they instantly are reminded to leave good feedback for the company or tell a friend about their service.

So the next time you are shipping out those orders why not write a little personalized thank you note to each and every customer, make them feel special, help them become customers for life and to like your brand even more. As a novel idea why not include a coupon for their return visit to your website to get 10% off the next order.

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