Discovery process

What Is The Discovery Process  and why Is It Important When Buying A Website?

When thinking about getting a new website designed, your first question will most likely be “How much will it cost?” swiftly followed by “How long will it take?”.

Without a full scope of how you want your website to look and perform, it is impossible for us to answer these questions. Just like building a house, a builder cannot give you a price without first seeing the architect’s design and also the list of materials that will be required. Here at Ireland Website Design, we use a process called discovery that allows us to understand your needs at a high level so that we can give you a fixed price and duration for the project.

As a client, if you have a set budget for the work being undertaken it will allow you to understand what will and will not be possible. This also allows for transparency for all. For your last website project such as a redesign or reskin, you may have run into issues therefore by using our discovery process we hope to avoid them in this project.

Issues you might have have had when a project was undertaken without discovery

Pricing Issues

You received inaccurate cost proposals
The agreed price increased during the website build

Communication Issues

The design underwent too many changes and tweaks from the initial plan
Your website designer stopped responding to your calls and/or emails or disappeared

Timing Issues

The website took longer than expected to complete
Deadlines were missed resulting in rushed/incomplete parts of the build

Performance Issues

You felt the website was never completed to your satisfaction
Your website did not achieve the goals that you set out for it e.g. more sales

A good website design company should be able to help you with all sorts of ideas – a good website design company should be experts in the web and use this expertise when designing your website. However it must also be stated that we are not experts in your particular business area.

Since you are the expert in your business, we can combine each other’s knowledge to bridge the gap between what we can do for you and what information you supply to us by way of how this website should work for your individual business. This also allows us to us be able to provide you with greater value by providing you with specific ideas on how your potential website and marketing can help your business.

Another benefit of discovery is what are known as key performance indicators (KPIs). These are used to measure the success of your website and are best set during the discovery. For example you may want to set a KPI that after your website is live for three full months that you can measure an increase in traffic. KPIs allow us to set and achieve goals with you. We have a list of KPIs that have been successful and measurable for us in the past and we can discuss these in our meetings. These KPIs have no doubt helped us to become the trusted, client-driven company we are today as they show our willingness to want your website to succeed; even after it has gone live.For some, this discovery may seem off-putting and unwarranted – we do understand that you are keen to get your state-of-the-art website up and running as fast as possible.

However we do ask you to consider remembering that we are going to be working together for some time to get this website built right and exactly as you want it. As such, why not spend this little time up front getting to know each other and making sure we are a good fit before making a long term commitment?

Discovery usually takes four or five meetings but for more complicated and specific projects it can take longer. When discovery is for straight forward website projects this service is free; however for more complex projects more meetings and research are needed and for this reason we charge a consulting fee for the work.

You will see the fruits of this labour when you are presented with a comprehensive and though-out presentation on exactly how your website will be made, a mock-up of its design and layout and clear and realistic timelines and pricing.

With this, you will understand how much of an investment getting your new website made is and will also see its worth when you realise that you are getting a website that is optimised to straightway survive and thrive in the competitive online world (both on desktop and mobile).

Typically the meetings will cover

Requirements Gathering

This involves finding out everything you require – from the functionality of the website right down to how a tab reacts when a mouse cursor hovers of it. Both performance and design are considered here to reach your desired end goal (i.e. to make more sales)

Market Analyses

Learning about your market and business environment and translating this to the online world by using SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), competitor identification, sectoral analysis and customer research.

Solution Presentation With the above two steps complete, this is where we tell you what we think you need. After listening to your needs and wants and examining and analysing the market stipulations, we present you with what we deem the best and most appropriate solution for your new website.

Quotation at this stage we present the scope of work involved with a breakdown of costings from start to finish. This also alludes to the timeline of the build and once you are happy to proceed, we can give you a tangible projected launch window for your new website. At the end of these meetings we are in a position to present you with the best solution possible for your business and not only are we are ready to answer questions like “How much will it cost?” and “How long will it take?”; but we can also show the value the website can present to your business and thus justify the discovery.

Some facts about the discovery process:

The average amount of hours we spend on your project purely researching and planning before a single €uro changes hands. We’ve worked in every industry and as such we implement specific strategies for your specific industry.
Average time (in weeks) from initial contact to start a project. We’ll coordinate everything and make it easy.
100 (and growing)We have over 100 five-star reviews from clients who appreciate the best client experience with us. Our unique process creates happy clients and amazing results.4We grow your business – our average client sees a 4x increase in sales from their website when they work with us to go through our discovery process.

Our customers have all gone through discovery so we have a great understanding of their needs and we continue to work with them to support their businesses and websites into the future. So for your next website project - make discovery a must.