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Skate Shop are a Tramore based shop located at the Tramore Surf Shop in Waterford. They sell a variety of skate-sport related goods such as the skateboards themselves, longboards, scooters and safety and protection equipment. The shop is competitive on pricing and offer a next day delivery service.

Featuring a large inventory, Skate Shop places an emphasis on the word 'shop' in the name by offering this inventory with competitive pricing rates and delivery options. A bricks and mortar location is buttressed by a support network that is available by phone from Monday through to Saturday, morning to late evening. Tapping into the skateboarding community at large, Skate Shop also publish a blog which features guides for beginners and topical opinion pieces such as the possible inclusion of the sport in the Olympics.

The Task:
With professionalism in the pole position of the website design, as always, it was important that the finished website retained a sense of fun that the activity provides to the dedicated community of enthusiasts. With the online shop existing as the core of the business, this also had to take the main focus of the website.

Our Solution:
From meeting and liaising with the client, we approached the build safe in the knowledge that customers required a set amount of detail per item when browsing for skateboards and longboards. This mainly consisted of the length, width, style, wheelbase, kick tail and nose of the boards alongside the wheel and bullet truck options. Stock levels for each product were were visually represented by a coloured bar which reflected the available quantities. This neat style was finished with the prices listed in a muted red colour which grabbed attention without being overtly garish or overbearing. A snapshot of new and popular products was created via a slideshow gallery on the homepage of the site that featured a carousel of images such as the Santa Cruz and Tony Hawk varieties. To further promote customer and community interaction, the Skate Shop website features an account registry option whereby users can create an account and not only use this to make purchases, but also to enable them to write reviews for products to again reiterate the comradery nature of skate sports. Colour-wise with each of the boards carrying unique designs and/or motifs, the bulk of the website pages were designed in a clean and neutral white and grey palette upon which the boards and products stood out well against. As part of promotion for the site, one particular outbound link in the footer brings browsers to the Tramore Town website. Not only does this technique support their local, it opens the doors for a symbiotic audience base that search engines also respond well to as it bridges two high quality websites to further improve the browsing experience potential.

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This was the second site which I have had developed by Ireland Website Design. I have worked with their team on a number of occasions and have had a great time dealing with them. I am very happy with my Skate Shop website and very happy with their ongoing help.
Bernadette Butler
Skate Shop