Magento Website Design

Owned by eBay Inc., Magento is a content management system which absolutely focuses on e-Commerce and online shopping. Since eBay is a leader in this field and an experienced e-Commerce platform, Magento takes full advantage of this. It provides the best options for an efficient online shop. According to Alexa Rank, Magento is the most-used open-source content system manager in the world for e-Commerce. Take a look why with the details on this page. Little Separator Graphic

Our Magento Services:

  • Custom Components Development
  • Custom Modification and Customisation
  • Custom Modules Development
  • Custom Template Design/Implementation
  • Design (PSD/AI and other common image formats) to Magento
  • Magento Website Design & Development
  • Maintenance Work for Magento Portals
  • Module Installation

Magento provides a large panel of tools to personalise and implement useful options to your website. Take a look at this video to see what you can do with Magento.

Some Features of the Magento Content Management System

Extendable Smart Search

We integrate site search systems globally that will search website content effectively (including VirtueMart products), including key words and more.

Magento Web Accessibility

To make your website accessible online, we follow web accessibility guidelines outlined by WCAG 2.0 ( where possible.

E-Commerce and Magento

Tailored for e-Commerce, Magento has powerful tools including a catalog manager, analytic and reporting tools and advanced shipping support and much more.

Customer Friendly

With a search option, product review and one page checkout, Magento keeps the customer in mind with a simple and effective user interface.

Accessible Content

The simple addition and upkeep of pages such as 'Services' and 'Contact Us' for example allows for an effective user experience that is easy for you to manage.

SEO Design and Layout

A well planned and designed site will contain the proper content structure that will not only make the site highly accessible, but also enhanced for SEO.

Rich Media Galleries

Our Magento sites have many media rich features from easily embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos to dynamic image galleries, pod-casting and much more.