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RWM provide translation services and solutions for both financial and corporate communications. Their specialised teams of translators, project managers and proofreaders ensure their clients receive accurate translations tailored to their readership requirements. Focusing on the English and French speaking markets, they translate in both the macro and micro environments such as international stock exchange announcements and individual company communications.

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Offering bespoke translation services as dictated by their clients' needs, RWM Translation Services promote a smooth business transaction which entails appointing single contacts that work on a case-by-case basis to see each project through to completion. This one-on-one approach exists within the overall arch of the company and the myriad of services they offer financial presentations to investors, press releases, stock exchange announcements and more. Working alongside their clients, a mutual deadline is decided upon whereby the dual language documentation or relevant material is delivered simultaneously.

Rwm case study Rwm case study Rwm case study

The Task:
Their website needed to be SEO friendly and appear neatly and effectively both in English and French. This proved challenging in terms of design as the amount and flow of text would differ between these two languages. This in turn would mean that if a picture could fit a fifty character caption in English in one line for example, the French equivalent may overshoot this and spill onto two lines. While this can seem insignificant, the knock-on effect has the potential to alter the design on both the back and front ends and thus affect visual layout and also coding. With this, we had to ensure that the website design worked on these two levels without compromising on any iota of design aesthetic or functionality.

Our Solution:
While all of our website design and builds are always made to look the utmost professional, it was decided that the RWM Translation Services website should be very corporate and adhere to the niche that it catered to. The home page was both comprehensive and succinct - without having to scroll down the page, users had the ability to complete a contact from with their query, view their contact information and services and also see a selection of languages transcribed via a stock image we used that was a perfect fit for the needs of the business. As an added layer of information, simply hovering over images displays text information about the page destination to prevent users from going through to a section(s) that was not relevant to their individual needs.

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Our Solution Continued:
Each of the images that were used had their alternative text fields completed with the relevant key words that would bring RWM Translation Services into the higher echelons of search engine rankings. This fed into our overall search engine optimisation approach (SEO) that ensured each website page was tagged and formatted accordingly via a methodoloy that the internet ranking system and search engine algorithms responded well to.

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