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Case Study - MyPetDirectory

Connecting Pet Owners with Pet Related Service Providers

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My Pet Directory connects pet owners with pet related services providers.  It is a national service which is used all over the country. 

They were looking for a website to provide a fun and interesting way for users to find what they need from lost and found, kennels and equestrian centres to pet stores and groomers. They also wanted to offer competitions and advice from their blog. 

The Task:
Taking our clients requirements into consideration, we set out to develop a website that could provide an easily searchable directory, that users could register and post to and that MyPetDirectory could add pages, content and blog posts to at any time, quickly and easily. For these reason we chose to build the website on Wordpress, a CMS software that allows for easy editing to the site by anyone with a little training and the admin login details.

Our Solution:
Over a couple of meetings with the clients, after we were sure we know all our clients requirements we went ahead with the development of the site. We knew that the directory was the main draw of the website and that customers using would like to be as simple as possible while giving them as much details as they needed. 

My pet Directory has resposnive design

On the front page we gave a slider with a selection of categories from the directory set out in little bubbles to draw the customer to quickly find the category they are searching for. All the images provided were fun and pleasing to the eye. To compliment this we placed them inside colourful circular boundaries

The text appears in a range of green, orange and dark grey which adds interest to important parts of the text and helps split up the name mypetdirectory into its readable portions.

A number of pages on advice were added as users will be looking for different things based on what they are seeking to learn. Large social buttons were added to the top of the page to help  draw the eye.

To view this website go here: My Pet Directory


Do you have a similar project?

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