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MV School of Motoring is a driving school for learner drivers who are working towards their first full driving licence. They also provide refresher lessons for those who may need to brush up on their skills or need assistance with a particular area or aspect of their driving.

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MV were looking for a website that catered for both potential and returning clients to view their available lessons. They also wanted to share testimonials from previous customers and share any news that may be relevant to new customers. They expressed a desire to increase their customer base through the website. Thus their website needed to convey high quality and digestible information as their potential clients are new to the notion of driving.

MV School of Motoring Case Study MV School of Motoring Case Study MV School of Motoring Case Study

The Task:
Ireland Website Design were tasked to develop a professional website that would suit the clients' needs and also be utilised properly to drive their sales. This included a responsive home page that would express the businesses services, goals and overall attitude and ethos that they abide by.

Our Solution:
In the initial meeting we gathered all the requirements of MV School of Motoring for their new website and what they would need. We decided on a layout with a number of pages for testimonials, services, prices and other relevant details. The home page was to be a combination of a number of these sections along with a number of ‘Call to Action’ buttons such as the visibility of the 'Contact Us' tab in the page header banner and the 'Book Now' button that appeared on the carousel picture gallery.

MV School of Motoring

Our Solution Continued:
The website was developed to be mobile responsive and search engine optimised (SEO). This involved declaring all the correct elements, filling in metadata and adding alt text to images. Developing this site with a responsive layout also ensured that it would be ranked higher on search engines. Layout and design-wise, a tile based approach was undertaken as not only does does look appealing to eye and is easy to navigate, it also is a popular and ideal layout for use on mobile devices. While the premise of the website was simple (to be a portal whereby people can book driving lessons); it was important that the finished website was not just a basic online presence to simply have a website. With this mindset, such as a brief history of the company, an option to book online and a price breakdown.

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Read what our client said.


When I contacted Ireland Website design I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed in terms of a website or how much one would cost. After a number of meetings I was sure that I had the right company and I knew exactly what I wanted and what was needed. The IWD team has been of great assistance throughout the entire build of my site and I am delighted with the end result. The site has helped me grow my business which is exactly what I wanted. I am very greatful for their time and effort.
Mandy Vuong
MV School of Motoring