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Leo Murphy is an experienced photographer from Waterford. With his work spanning over 30 years, he has transitioned from classic film photography into the more modern digital. With his wide range of experience, Leo is often involved in wedding, portrait, commercial and PR photography.

Leo has many great photos that would obviously work well as a great aesthetic and visual portfolio. An ideal website for him was one that showcased his work first but then also allowed for descriptions of his services and contact details - this is known as a brochure or galley website.

The Task:
We needed to develop a website that could transition between a full screen image viewer and one that could be navigated through like an average site.

Our Solution:
Leo's images had a very classic and timeless style to them. To prevent from detracting and/or overpowering the image, we chose a black background for the images and a contrasting white background for the pages with text to allow for a straightforward and better reading experience.

Leo Murphy Photography



On arriving at the website, visitors are greeted to a full page image with the main menu overlaid. By navigating right, the website will bring the visitor to the next step on the menu which is the portfolio. This gives the user an understanding of the navigation system that they can use to view the portfolio. Once in the portfolio then, the viewer is presented with a range of choices that corresponds to Leo's different types of photography. Navigating further right will arrive at the 'About Us' page describing the photographer Leo Murphy and his interests as well as a description of his son David who is also involved with the business. There are also pages included which touch upon his framing service, specials and offers and a 'Contact Us' page.

With all of our websites and projects, we of course want the finished result to reach and treat the intended audience(s). In terms of Leo's selection of photography, we utillised a comprehensive approach to search engine optimistaion (SEO) to ensure that the relevant terms submitted to search engines would result in Leo's website appearing favorably in the search rankings. 

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Read what our client said.


I required a website that highlighted my photography business and the different aspects of photography that I cover. Nick had some great ideas and we eventually settled on the one which I though was most suitable. The time spent at the start of the project really allowed us to build the best website for my business. I had been given better prices but no one else took the time to understand my requirements, that why I am delighted I chose IWD.
Leo Murphy
Leo Murphy Photography