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Case Study - DCG

Providing Education Solutions to Students and Teachers

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DCG design and develop educational materials of the highest quality, innovation and relevance for leaving cert and communication graphics. Their first resource DCG Solutions Teaching Package was introduced In 2009 to cater for the introduction of a new syllabus. They have resources available for both teachers and students of design and communication graphics.

DCG provide high quality resources. In regards to this they required a high quality website that looked professional. Users would visit the site seeking to order these resources or to seek advice on which resources to would best suit them. This needed to be reflected in the new site.

The Task:
Our task was to develop a website that suited our clients brand identity. Thus it would need to be professional in style and layout. We need to create a site that will allow visitors to quickly gather information on DCG, to find the education resources best suited to their needs and to find the answers to any questions they may have regarding these resources. On line resources were also to be made available on this site.

Our Solution:
To begin with we developed the home page, this gave us the initial design off which to build the other pages of the site. We wanted this to put across the professional attitude of the site.

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Rather than add an about page to the main menu we decided to add it as an article to the footer with a segment of it readable and the rest available through clicking read more. This allows users to easily find this information if it is what they are looking for. Testimonials were also added in this manner along with contact details and other useful links.

The shop is set up so that anyone looking at the product can get as much information as they need. Product detail pages list information like key features, who it’s for, full description, Copyright & Licencing and Operating Platforms.

Pages were split into categories of resources for students, resources for teachers, sample worksheets and 3d model resources. The teachers and student resources provide information on the packages: how they work and their requirements. The sample worksheet pages provide example worksheets for students to work from. The 3D models provide better understanding of certain subjects. These pages are easy to find for people seeking extra resources.

To view this website go here: DCG



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