How much does a Website cost in Ireland

how much does a website cost

To properly answer the question, you have to consider two things:
1: What you want.
2: What you really want.

What you want:
Obviously you want a website, but what does a website consist off? Those slick looking and responsive pages are comprised of coding and design on the back-and and technical side of things; but they are masked by layers of graphics, images and copywriting to make them perform and look a certain way for website users and browsers. When you say you want a website, you obviously want a website that will perform well online and get the results that you want. SEO plays a big part in this and it is advised to have your website search engine optimised from the get-go so that it can appear, survive and thrive online and so that it can also start making you sales. Lastly, you want a website that is designed to be responsive and perform well equally on both mobile and desktop devices.

What you really want:
So when you say you want a website, what you really want is a robust and responsive online platform for your business to drive sales. To achieve this by today’s standards of online marketing in Ireland and around the world; you really want a responsive website for both mobile and desktop that is designed with the best images and text for your business and is also optimised for search engines. With this, you begin to see the different layers and skills required to create ‘a website’ nowadays. Therefore the question of ‘How much does a website cost?’ is a shortcut for asking – ‘How much will it cost to get a personalised online vehicle for my business that will work and respond however my potential customers access it, will rank highly online and will be designed and formatted with images and text to be relevant and modern today?’ As you can see, the real question is actually asking how well you want your business to perform online.

Rough and ready or ready to drive sales?
We can of course provide a rough estimate based on the information that you provide to us here at Ireland Website Design. In fact the reality is, we can create a basic website design for you using a template. If you supply us with your logo and the content for the website, we can provide a quote of about €3,000+VAT. But you have to ask yourself, do you just want a basic website made from a template that many other websites around the world may also have been built on? If so, that is perfectly fine and can be brilliantly designed and built for you here at Ireland Website Design no problem. However we specialise in bespoke and unique websites per client on a case-by-case basis. You should want a website of this calibre and to invest in this vehicle to drive sales and assist in the growth of your company. Due to this, we both need to take a more comprehensive approach to take a look at your needs, wants and desires. To do this, we implement our highly successful ‘Discovery’ approach.

Discovery Process
This starts with what is known as the discovery process. This is where we meet with you to discuss your needs and objectives for your website. Following mutual discussion and our research into your business sector and various push and pull factors; we present you with a detailed breakdown detailing the timeline of the website build and the price at each stage of this timeline. This transparency shows you exactly what work is going into your website, how long it takes to complete by our experts and how much it costs (therefore justifying the price points and lead times). The discovery process also includes a look and analysis of your main competitor(s) so that you know that your website is being built with competitive drive and a working knowledge in mind. Rather than simply discover what colours and images you want to use, we aim to uncover how to make the best online vehicle as possible to drive sales to your business.
Design Ethos
Ireland Website Design wants to be immensely proud to put their name to their work and as such we endeavour to ensure that each and every website we design (regardless of their scope) is a success online and makes our clients happy. Due to this we do not simply design your website and deliver it to you and wish you luck – far from it. We set KPIs (key performance indicators) during the discovery and design processes to monitor progress and goals in a tangible manner. This keeps everything on track and retains a focus that pertains to the business acumen of the online platform being built. In tandem with this, your website does not go live until it is fully optimised by us for both desktop and mobile devices. We make sure with our planning and execution of your project that it meets the agreed deadline and is ready to launch online with a full arsenal of support around it; especially in the initial crucial stages.

Funding Assistance
It is useful to know that there are grants and funds available to help get your dream website built and turned into a reality. The local enterprise office (LEO) online trading voucher is worth up to €2,500 that can be put towards your website design and online presence costs. You can apply for this to voucher to offset the costs of your work once there is an eCommerce element to your website. This usually means that there has to be an online shop where visitors to your website can purchase directly from you. However simply having a payment portal (for example to pay an invoice owed to your business) will also suffice for this stipulation. Once your business has less than 10 employees, a turnover of less than €2m per year and has been trading for at least 12 months; you can apply. The grant can also be applied towards online advertise too (a percentage of the grant, not the full amount) so it is really worth reading up and researching the options that LEO can offer you. Here at Ireland Website Design, we have experience with clients applying for this grant and can help you with the process if needs be. Click here to learn more on the LEO website.


So in summary, there is no straightforward answer to “How much does a website cost?” At Ireland Website Design, we let our hard work and expertise do the talking and after discovering exactly what you need, what you want, what your sector and market dictate and what is the best course of action; we can give you a quote for the best website your company has ever seen. Consider your potential website for what it really is and leave this in the hands of the experts so that your online marketing can begin on a solid foundation to reach your business aims and goals.

Published: Tuesday, 01 December 2015 13:40
Written by Lee Mehta