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Offering commercial Properties to Companies


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Waterford Industrial Properties is an estate agency focused on commercial properties. Most of the properties are located in the Six Cross Roads Business Park in Waterford. They have a large selection of offices, warehouses and industrial premises to let.


Waterford Industrial Properties required a modern looking website which featured their properties on a prominent spot on the homepage. Our designers chose a friendly, warm blue colour scheme with a widescreen slider graphic showcasing images of the properties. Contact details are placed prominently on the header to facilitate quick user communication.

The Task:
Create an easy-to-use website which focuses on the properties and gives visitors information about the status of the property immediately. Combine modern fonts, fresh graphics and appealing photography to give the website a professional look and feel. Use clear navigation items for properties with different statuses.

Our Solution:
After initial meetings and phone calls with our consultancy team, our designers created mock-ups based on the client's requirements. Once WIP signed off on the designs, our development stepped in and built the site. We decided to go for a large slider on the homepage which shows an overview of the most desirable properties available. Below that, our developers designed property cards, showing highlighted properties, the location and whether it’s market status.

Waterford Industrial Properties

Search engine optimisation is essential and our SEO team implemented meta information, popular search phrases and key words throughout the content and alt tags for images. Since more and more people browse the web from mobiles and tablets, we made all pages mobile responsive. We do this for all our website projects as it improves overall user experience and helps with SEO.

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Read what our client said.


I contacted Nick to assist me in highlighting the great properties we have on offer. I needed to reach a larger audience and the website has done just that. Through the use of Analytics we can see exactly how much traffic the site is getting which is of great benefit. He has also assisted us in setting up an email marketing system that again allows us to keep in touch with old clients and new further increasing our capabilities. We coultn’t be happier with his services.
Martin O Shea
Waterford Industrial Properties